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Property Management - Why us? 

Patrick Oliver Ltd is a qualified member of both the National Accredited Bodies: NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) and ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents). We have unique collective expertise of over 45 years in the property industry, and practical experience in all aspects of Sales, Lettings, and Building Management, having worked across the South East of England. Furthermore, we regularly review all of the local and national news and reports to keep up to date with legislation.

Gemma Patrick has spent over 15 years of managing residential properties, which are mostly flats in apartment blocks. Gemma and her team successfully combine their indepth knowledge of property restoration; building maintenance; plumbing & electrics; leasehold concerns; to ensure that we effectively manage tenants needs and homeowners expectations. This is essential when it comes to professionally managing properties to ensure a practical approach and logical results.

In the last 8 years of carefully growing and establishing Patrick Oliver Estate Agents as a leading local Letting Agency, we have built up our Let Only client base to include over one hundred properties. We currently manage thirty-five properties locally, including one in London, and several in Rye. We also co-manage five buildings for the freeholders, thus increasing our overall deductive skills and efficiency when it comes to property management. This long term experience along with our ability to quickly adapt to challenging property maintenace, has led to us providing consistent 5* Customer Service and Expertise for our Clients.



Essentials of Property Management

When it comes to renting and managing a property, there is often far more work involved during the tenancy than one anticipates. As we work 7 days a week, tenants may report any property maintenance to us, whether it be urgent or requires attention, and we will respond immediately. We assess the problem and inform you of the situation. With your authorisation, we will then contact the necessary contractor(s) to provide quotes for the work (usually three). 

Once instructed, our hand-picked team of local experts (fully referenced and vetted) will work to fix your problem as quickly as possible. A full report is kept at all times of the communication and work carried out. We usually process the invoice(s) from the next rent, and send you an updated rental statement and copies of the invoices. 

In addition to 7 days a week property maintenance and updated rental statements, we carry out inspection visits. During the first six months, these are carried out during month 3 and month 6. You will receive an update, along with several photographs of each room. These are kept on record with the inventory report. After 6 months, we then visit every 6 months thereafter. 

We ensure that rent is collected on time and in full. Should there be any issues at all, we act instantly and keep a close eye on the situation for the tenant, and make sure it doesn't become a regular occurrence. To date, we have a very good track record of keeping on top of tenants' responsibilities and receiving rents on time. 

As well as checking annual Gas Safety Certiticates, and 5 yearly Electrical Safety certificates, we are experienced in plumbing issues, electrics, appliance repairs, damp ingress, drains, health & safety, risk assessment, fire safety, condensation, roofs and gutters, window repairs, etc. The list of property maintenance is lengthy and complex, but with our experience, your property is in safe hands. 

At the end of the tenancy, we provide the necessary information to ensure a smooth transition. Our management fee includes the check out report (as detailed as the inventory if required), and review the wear and tear beyond fair usage, and advise accordingly. We oversee any deposit disputes and reach an amicable end to the tenancy for all parties. 

Our clients will find that we are fast to act, quick to respond, and highly efficient in our work. From our inventories, to the check ins, inspection visits and maintenance, the checkouts and deposit returns; these are dealt with professionally and efficiently. We promise to keep our clients and customers reassured, with a consistent level of high service and excellent communication.


Our Expert Contractors

With over 15 years experience of property management on a daily basis, Gemma and her team have learnt an extraordinary amount and gained an immense insight into the challenges with managing properties. One should never assume that a simple quick solution is the "right" answer. Property Management and Maintenance is all about problem solving. There is often more to it than a quick scroll through the main call out number associated with that particular issue. It is never that simple!

This is one of the reasons why we established our business online from the beginning. It became evident that rather than sitting idly behind a desk in a office open to the public, the goal is meet clients at the property and delve into the intricacies of each managed flat or house. We want to hear why the taps make a funny noise sometimes, or where damp patches can appear randomly during the winter, etc, etc. Moreso, we want to be able to and can, attend at short notice anytime.

Once we have built up this knowledge about your particular property, we then become experts at how to deal with any problem should it arise during the management of your investmnent.  
We have hand picked the contractors whom we work closely with and learned to only trust work to those whom we would put to work on our own properties. 

Plumbers are ubiquitious, but as for great, reliable, and affordable ones!? This includes: electricians; drainage specialists; roofers; handymen; decorators; damp treatment companies; sash windows; UPVC suppliers; garden maintenance; etc, and the list is endless. Yet we have these people on our contact lists, and they will always prioritise our problems and visit the property to assess the issue immediately. 

Please do not be fooled by any agent who tells you that property maintenance and management is an easy task or one that can be handled from their office only 5 days a week! We operate online, making us always contactable, and working 7 days a week to ensure smooth running tenancies, and well maintained flats, houses, and buildings. 

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