Why is Hastings so popular?

Posted on 1st September 2017


Only a quick search for Hastings and St Leonards and you will find an endless list of articles written about Hastings and St Leonards in the last few years. That is one of the reasons why Patrick Oliver and our team are so excited to be a part of the future trend putting our seaside town on the map!
Gemma Patrick, Director and Owner of Patrick Oliver, shares some thoughts on why the Old Town in particular has seen itself come up trumps against Rye, Margate, and Brighton.
“I have spoken to several surveyors and local business people this Summer and they all equally agree with the transformation of the market down here happening due to a number of reasons.
Changes in house prices in the South East and Hastings have risen significantly since 2013. They are continuing to steadily rise along with the demand for property in general, but more so with the attraction of Hastings and the Old Town seeing an influx of buyers from London.
It is remarkable to see how an area that was regularly denigrated in the press with consequent long standing depressed house prices, has seen such a turnaround. Following the slow return of the market to normal levels after the 2008-12 downturn, East Sussex is fortunate to have experienced an increase of buyers coming to an area which was once considered out of reach by London and its commuters.
Whilst London is slowing down to a degree, the general consensus is that Hastings is the next up and coming area. The high speed javelin link from Ashford to St Pancras, as well as the widening of the A21, and the increased spending along the seafront, means the area will only continue to improve and therefore, your investment will increase in value as well.
The Old Town is now one of the most popular areas along the south coast, with Brighton now saturated and Margate missing the art and music scene long entrenched in Hastings. I worked in Rye 2014-2016 and saw the trend shift from Londoners who had never considered Hastings as up and coming, trendy, or vibrant, but soon were rapidly moving away from over-priced, petite Rye and changing their search to Hastings Old Town and St Leonards.
The Jerwood gallery, Rock a Nore fish restaurants, Crown pub and The Customs House, the annual Seafood and Wine Festival, the Pier and its events, Hastings Old Town Week, and many more, have all grown to attract people to live in Hastings Old Town in recent years. It's drawing people to an area where house prices compared to London are affordable, with ample character, by the sea, and with a strong sense of community.”

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