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Posted on 26th May 2020

On the Market Portal Battles on the Dancefloor

Written By Gemma Patrick

Patrick Oliver Ltd was established in 2016, by Gemma Patrick, who graduated with a BSc Humanities and Social Sciences from Edinburgh University in 2005.

Following a career break, teaching English as a foreign language for four years, Patrick Oliver’s founder and director, Gemma Patrick, returned to the Estate Agency industry in 2012. Having had a year’s experience working as Sales & Lettings Assistant Branch Manager at 25 years old, it seemed a natural return to the work place in South East England.

Working long hours, often 6 days a week, for a successful and dynamic agency in Essex, Gemma’s career reboot started as a Lettings Progressor (& Inventory Clerk). The career ladder then led on to Lettings Negotiator, and after 15 months of working non stop, Gemma was promoted to Senior Negotiator.

Following 18 months of superb (intense) training and management direction, Gemma moved back to the south coast of England. The role was Senior Lettings Negotiator for a branch with poor financial performance. The job provided a comprehensive 6 months training programme in Sales, Lettings, and Psychology of Selling. These role plays and experience helped give Gemma the confidence to soon apply for a position at a new start up independent branch. They needed a Lettings Manager to get the business going and sustain it.

Between 2012 - 2015, these invaluable skills and learning curves, helped generate ideas for a modern agency based on the concentric busy lifestyle of our 21st century lives. We are entwined around transport schedules, family routines, working hours, and invaluable (or invasive.) technology: the mobile phone, tablet, desk top computer, television, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, the latest APP, or short-lived trend.

Therefore, the natural step for Gemma, was to start an agency from scratch, and base it solely online. To do this took a huge amount of self-belief, and commitment to ensure that the agency would succeed. Moreover, the conversations with the leading property portals would be essential to the development and growth of the business.

As a start up business, one could only afford Zoopla, and it was appropriate to begin slowly with a manageable number of clients. This strategy meant that each area of the business was working well to adapt long term to market fluctuations.

After 18 months, the big decision was to join Rightmove, with its lucrative monthly charges, and inability to justify their outlandish fees in comparison to the equally high profile Zoopla portal.

In January 2020, it became evident that many high street agencies were struggling with the Corporate fees of Rightmove.
So, Patrick Oliver’s company director, Gemma Patrick, decided that it was time to test the portals against the general public. Agents Mutual is a great concept, and their team launched On the Market property portal in order to support local agents who work exceptionally hard for their clients, yet remain deflated by the dogmatic market domination of one portal.

Thankfully, we are going in to our fifth year, and we are loving On the Market! It’s refreshing, affordable, and professional.

What’s more is that the leads and enquiries are quality, and easy to follow up contact. The portal layout is easy on the eye, and the information for buyers, renters, vendors, and landlords, is equally user friendly.

We are excited to present to you our niche property professional consultancy business, and will enjoy growing our Local teams of specialist and experienced property professionals in 2020 and beyond.

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