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Posted on 29th October 2018

Top tips for buying a home in Bishops Stortford

by Zoe Kenworthy MNAEA MARLA 

Based in Bishops Stortford, covering the town and surrounding area

Buying your home is an important decision, so here are some tips for a viewing check list:

1.      Is the exterior well maintained – are the gutters clear? are the roof tiles all neat and tidy? Is the brickwork neat and tidy? Is the top of the chimney in good order?

2.      Is the garden well maintained – an established garden is a bonus – as the plants are an asset.

3.      Windows – well maintained external window frames is usually a good indicator if the house has been well maintained overall. If they are wooden you can gently push the wood to determine if they are rotten. If there is condensation between double-glazed window-panes it means that they are faulty, and that new glazed units need to be installed.

4.      Which way does the property face? That way you will know before you move in which rooms are light and dark. Don’t forget to check the garden too, although a North facing garden can still get plenty of light.

5.      Kitchens & bathrooms sell houses – are they modern, liveable or do they need updating

6.      Plumbing – Check to make sure the boiler was serviced within the last year, even old boilers can keep going if they are well maintained. Ask if all the pipes are insulated, if not they can burst in cold weather. Check the water pressure.

7.      Electrics –If it is an older style property, and there are no up to date certificates I would recommend getting an NICIEC qualified electrician to review them.

8.      Furniture and clutter – you have to ignore the furniture and décor as these can be changed to your own taste. A room can be transformed within a weekend of hard work so wall colours should never put you off. If it’s cluttered, look at the ceiling instead to get an idea of the size of the room.

9.      If the property is attached, are the walls solid construction between you and your neighbours? Thus, ensuring they won’t hear everything you say!

10.  Attic – is it easy to access? Is it fully insulated?

11.  Can you walk to amenities easily?

12.  But the most important question is… does it feel like you could make it your home?

This is by no means a fully comprehensive list, and I would still always recommend getting a professional survey carried out, even if the property looks perfect, as some issues are difficult to see.

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